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The people who would benefit most from reading this, won't

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Not Usually a Fan of Name Calling, But if the Characterization Fits…

Probably I am behind the curve, but I did, in fact, laugh out loud when I first came across “maskhole,” with the most fitting definition, in this case, being number three in the Urban Dictionary.

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The New Pandemic Lexicon

The New Yorker, in its own precious way, catalogs new entries into our pandemic dictionary. Some favorites:

covid-30: Formerly covid-15; the amount of weight gained by an average adult during quarantine...

Flattening the curve: Trying to fit into your jeans after three months of sweatpants. (See covid-30.)

Helter shelter: That moment in the quarantine day when everything seems dirty and chaotic and you feel like saying, “Fuck it, let’s go outside. I don’t care if we die and a bunch of other people do, too.”

Going viral: No longer used.

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Countries Where Most Everyone Wears a Mask

“The U.S. ranking is unchanged since April, with just six European countries … having suffered more deaths per capita than the U.S. Despite Trump’s repeated claims to the contrary, more than 120 countries have a lower mortality rate than the U.S., many of them dramatically lower — including Germany, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Greece and Canada.”

Can the maskholes not read?


I wish I liked the guest music better in Welcome to Night Vale, another way I am no doubt behind the curve.

Thanks for reading this far. Be well.

Brian Woolsey
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