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Don’t Listen to Me, Do Listen to Pastor Pagitt

I want to be real about this: I could not have come up with the comic above — nor any other on this site — for any previous Republican president in my adult life, which dates back to Gerald Ford.

All the rest had a certain faith on which they acted — a faith clear and visible. Our current president simply does not walk the walk.

Which is why Pastor Doug Pagitt stepped down from Solomon’s Porch, the church he founded 20 years ago, to travel all 50 states for 10 months and preach for Faith, Hope and Love — with a vote against Trump in 2020.

“If you’re religious, you vote for Republicans, but just don’t vote for this one.”

Oh, and Pagitt has a beautiful website to spread his plea.

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Evangelical Christian Brendan Clarey has Something To Say

Christians will only ever have one savior, and he’s not in the Oval Office — he’s at the right hand of God the Father.


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If This Idol is Fake, Whatever Else Might He Be?

Huey Long, former governor of Louisiana and member of the United States Senate, was himself a controversial figure, but he predicted this moment:

Sure, we’ll have fascism in this country, and we’ll call it anti-fascism

Don’t like Mr. Long? A lot of other people, from both sides of the aisle, get credit for stating the similarly obvious.


I have never met this Pastor Pagitt fellow. I get the feeling, though, he is a very decent man.

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